BLOC is a studio space dedicated to the production, training and dissemination of the visual arts. Founded in late 2009 by the Chilean artists Catalina Bauer, Rodrigo Canala, Rodrigo Galecio, Gerardo Pulido, and Tomás Rivas.

The studio was the result of a collaborative effort beginning in 2007 between the five artist to regularly meet and discuss their respective works. Today, the five artists are installed in two multi-functional working spaces belonging to a former bakery located at Jose Manuel Infante 1428 in Santiago Chile. In parallel the artists work as teachers and tutors using the studio space to create their own work as well as host annual tutoring programs, conversations with renowned artists and other events related to the visual arts.

BLOC endeavors to recover the historic tradition and function of the studio, particularly in Chile, as a space that centers on the elaboration of works of art but at the same time encompasses different related activities including:


1 Production

The formative programs of BLOC are built upon a system of practice and discussion related to the artistic process. The founding artists, residents and scholars utilize the physical space of the studio to produce their work which in turn provides the content for the broader discussions and conversations about technique and process.


2 Training

BLOC is open to all artists, students and scholars interested in the creation of art and provides specific programs centered around tutoring, workshops and courses.

a) Tutoring: individuals who perform work of art. Through a system of rotation, changing regularly tutors guide the group. The tutorials are developed with the Annual (March to December) and the Summer Program (January only), both offer a choice of two modes: Residence and Visit.

b) Workshops: short courses consist of one to five days. The commonly performed guest artists (Eugenio Dittborn Chileans and Colombian Juan Davila or Philip Arthur in 2010 and 2011).

c) Courses: are aimed at a general audience. Their aim is to train audiences for the visual arts and, in more concrete terms, offering specific tools of analysis and practice of artistic phenomena.


3 Dissemination

a) Open Conversations: ongoing activity through the cycle “Guests”. Periodically, BLOC opens its doors to the public with talks featuring artists, managers and theorists of outstanding domestic and foreign experience.

b) Samples: EXPOBLOC is a selection of works by Annual Program participants, exhibited at the end of each year in the workshop. On the other hand, there is the activity “Open Workshop” organized in the same place as the Summer ends, showing construction processes of the participating artists.

c) Writing: BLOC written reflection contributes to the visual arts since late 2010. It is associated with letrasenlinea.cl electronic publishing, with a column periodically counting co-edited with such Web. Meanwhile, BLOC sends an open letter written to the main national media regarding the shortcomings of art criticism in them. In general, project electronic platforms are platforms for discussion on contemporary art.

BLOC ‘s board consists of the five founding artists of the project, along with Matías Mori and Peter Morse.